Webinar: Why do organizations use synthetic data as test data?

Testing and development with representative test data is essential to deliver state-of-the-art tech solutions. However, many organizations face challenges in getting the test data right and face “legacy-by-design”, because:

  • The test data does not reflect production data
  • Referential integrity is not preserved across databases and systems
  • It is time consuming
  • Manual work is required

As test chapter lead and founder of test agency RisQIT, Francis Welbie will shed light on key challenges in software testing. As IT and Privacy Legal Professional at BG.legal, Frederick Droppert will illustrate why using production data as test data is not an option and why the Dutch Authority on personal data recommends using synthetic data. Finally, CEO and founder of Syntho, Wim Kees Janssen will illustrate how organizations realize agility with AI generated synthetic test data and how they can start.


  • Key challenges in software testing
  • Why the use of production data as test data is not an option?
  • Why the Dutch Authority of Personal Data recommends using synthetic data as test data?
  • How organizations realize agility with AI generated synthetic test data?
  • How can your organization start?

Practical details:

Date: Tuesday, 13th September

Time: 4:30pm CET

Duration: 45 minutes (30 mins for the webinar, 15 mins for the Q&A)


Francis Welbie

Founder & test chapter lead - RisQIT

Francis is an entrepreneur (RisQIT) and consultant with a strong instinct for Quality and Risks and passion for Testing and Sharing. Francis is able to function in different surroundings (technical, organizational, cultural). He is always interested in projects, challenges and assignments, where business and ICT are involved.

Frederick Droppert

Lawyer IP, IT & Privacy - BG.legal

Frederick is a legal professional who specializes in IP, data, AI and privacy at the law firm BG.legal since April 2022. Before that time, he worked as a legal counsel/IT manager at a data science company and has experience in software development as well as information security. His focus is therefore legal aspects of emerging technologies.

Wim Kees Janssen

CEO and AI generated test data expert - Syntho

As founder and CEO of Syntho, Wim Kees aims to turn privacy by design into a competitive advantage with AI generated test data. Hereby, he aims to solve key challenges that are introduced by classic test Data Management tools, that are slow, require manual work and do not offer production-like data and consequently introduce "legacy-by-design". As a result, Wim Kees accelerates organizations in getting their test data right to develop state-of-the-art tech solutions.

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