How to start with Syntho?

From exploring our solutions to mastering data generation, our team will guide you through the process of becoming a data generation expert.

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Before starting with Syntho, our experts will help you with evaluating and assessing if our solutions will solve your needs.

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Explore our solutions and become a data generation expert in 4 steps

Become a data generation expert in 4 steps

Step 1

We kick-start the collaboration together with all relevant stakeholders with a kick-off session for alignment and to get everything ready to start.

  • Alignment on planning and objectives
  • Specify recommended Infrastructure
  • Define way of working and communication

We deploy our platform in your preferred infrastructure and make sure that the platform is ready to use.

  • Verify infrastructure
  • Deploy Syntho Engine
  • Test and go live

The Syntho Engine Bootcamp aims to train users to be ready to use our platform

  • Training and onboarding of Syntho Engine users
  • Synthesize sample datasets together
  • Synthesize client (sample) datasets

Step 4

You are ready to generate synthetic data at scale!

  • Client utilizes the Syntho Engine
  • Ongoing Customer Support for a well-functioning Syntho Engine
  • Ongoing Customer success for the adoption of synthetic data

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