Synthetic Data for Analytics

Build your strong data foundation with easy and fast access to as-good-as-real AI-generated synthetic data

Introduction to analytics

We are in the middle of the data revolution and data-driven solutions (e.g. from dashboards [BI] to advanced analytics [AI & ML]) are about to change our entire world. However, those data-driven solutions are only as good as the data that they can utilize. This is often challenging when the required data is privacy sensitive.

Hence, a strong data foundation with easy and fast access to usable, relevant and required data is essential to develop data-driven solutions (e.g. dashboards [BI] and advanced analytics [AI & ML]). However, for many organizations, it is challenging and time consuming to access relevant data.

Analytics challenges

For many organizations, it is challenging and time consuming to access relevant data, required to realize data driven-innovation.

Data access is critical

Getting access to data takes ages

Anonymization does not work

Our solution: AI-generated synthetic data

Artificially Generated

Synthetic data is artificially generated by using algorithms and statistical techniques

Mimics Real Data

Synthetic data replicates the statistical characteristics and patterns of real-world data


Synthetically generated data consists of completely new and artificial datapoints with no one-to-one relationship to real data

AI Generated Synthetic Data

What makes Syntho's approach unique?

Assess generated synthetic data on accuracy, privacy, and speed

Syntho’s quality assurance report assesses generated synthetic data and demonstrates the accuracy, privacy, and speed of the synthetic data compared to the original data.

Our synthetic data is assessed and approved by the data experts of SAS

Synthetic data generated by Syntho is assessed, validated and approved from an external and objective point of view by the data experts of SAS.

Synthesize time-series data accurately with Syntho

Time series data is a datatype characterized by a sequence of events, observations and/or measurements collected and ordered with date-time intervals, typically representing changes in a variable over time, and is supported by Syntho.

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Why do organizations use AI Generated Synthetic Data for Analytics?

Unlock (sensitive) data 

As-good-as-real data

Easy, fast and scalable


Build your strong data foundation with AI-generated synthetic data

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