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In every sales trajectory, there are a few key moments that will define the outcome. Moments like this can be accidentally bumping into the right person during a social event, a great idea for a presentation at the right time, or a smoothly executed product demo where everything just works perfectly. Here, we will discuss the latter in particular.

Seeing is believing: the relevance of demo data to astonish your prospects with next-level product demos

A product demo in a sales process is essentially a time machine for your prospective client. They use this time machine to get a vision of what the future will look like, if they decide to buy your product. Therefore, these demos are very valuable and critical in your prospect’s decision making process.

Your prospect will use the time machine to get a clear view of how well your product works for their specific use case. Seeing that you took the time to really understand their business, sector and challenges will trigger the prospect to take you seriously and the chances of making a sale will increase. A critical part in giving a great demo is making sure you have the correct data, relevant for your prospect. However, having the right data in place for your demo typically introduces challenges.


3 key challenges in getting your demo data right

You cannot use your clients data

Data creation by hand takes time

Data creation by hand results in errors

You cannot use your clients data

The best data for demos with prospects is off-course original data. In this case, data from your clients. However, do you want to be in this situation that you use your clients data for demos with prospects? Is this ethical? What would the reaction of your client be if they find this out? But more importantly, are you allowed to do this? Typically, NDA’s, regulations and other contracts forbid you to use your clients data for demo’s with prospects. Hence, you have to find alternatives.

Data creation by hand takes time

When you have to build up the correct dataset from scratch, you first need to have a thorough understanding of the data, business rules and relationships that you aim to mimic. The challenges of this will increase proportionally with the complexity of your data. Typically, developers create data accordingly. This will distract your developers, that do not like to do this, and requires them to waste time and energy that they could have spent on optimizing your product.

Data creation by hand results in errors

The data quality will be as good as the pre-defined set of rules that you define. Here, the devil is in the details. As an example in the healthcare sector, one would like to demo a dashboard containing patient data. When created by hand, business logic often falls behind and the risk of having significant errors of non-realistic scenarios is significant. As an example, you would risk having ‘pregnant men’ in your data and when such an error happens, you are out as solution provider.

Our solution: AI generated demo data

Create a digital twin based on original data

Our Syntho Engine mimics your end-to-end production environment to generate a digital twin based on your production data with the power of AI. With our connectors, we load this digital twin fully automatically into your test environment. The result: AI generated test data; an easy and fast solution to generate compliant production-like test data.

AI generated test data: Create a digital twin based on your production data

Errorless, high quality demo data

Optimized demo data to tailor your product demo

Easy, fast and agile

The value of using AI generated synthetic data as demo data to astonish your prospects with next-level product demos

Errorless, high quality demo data with preserved business logic

Our synthetic data software uses state-of-the-art AI models that generates completely new datapoints. Our software models these new datapoints in such a way that we preserve properties, relationships and statistical patterns to guarantee high quality and errorless data with preserved business logic. This is your foundation to perfect product demos with synthetic demo data.

Easy and fast data generation with state-of-the art AI

Instead of building datasets by hand, we can generate large datasets and complex databases fully automatically with our AI software, without any additional required knowledge. Here, we know that demo deadlines can be strict. That’s why synthetic demo data will be generated and available for you within minutes.

Optimized demo data to tailor your product demo

Demo for the cardiac department? Then extra heart patient would tailor your demo. Demo for the German hospital? Then German names would make the difference. Whatever the task at hand, Syntho supports various data optimization and augmentation features to optimize your data for demo purposes. As a result, you will be able to tailor your demo with realistic data to astonish your prospect with a next-level product demo.


Deliver state-of-the-art software solutions with AI generated test data

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