About Syntho


About Syntho

Founded in 2020, Syntho is the Amsterdam based startup that is revolutionizing the tech industry with AI-generated synthetic data. As leading provider of synthetic data software, Syntho’s mission is to empower businesses worldwide to generate and leverage high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. Through our innovative solutions, we are accelerating the data revolution by unlocking privacy-sensitive data and dramatically reducing the time required to obtain relevant (sensitive) data. By doing so, we aim to foster an open data economy where information can be freely shared and utilized without compromises on privacy.


What we do: AI Generated Synthetic Data at scale

Syntho, through its Syntho Engine, is the leading provider of Synthetic Data software and is committed to enable businesses worldwide to generate and utilize high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. By making privacy-sensitive data more accessible and more rapidly available, Syntho enables  organizations to accelerate the adoption of data-driven innovation. Accordingly, Syntho is winner of the prestigious Philips Innovation Award, Unesco’s Challenge at VivaTech and is listed as Generative AI startup “to watch” by NVIDIA. So, why use real data when you could use synthetic data?

Meet Syntho

Our Values


Innovation is a fundamental value of Syntho and the driving force behind our success. We strive to harness the power of innovation to create unique and promising solutions that differentiate us from our competitors and increase our chances of achieving our goals.


At Syntho, we hold privacy as a core value. We understand the critical importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal data. That's why our software solutions are specifically designed to address the data-privacy challenges that organizations face, providing our clients with the confidence and peace of mind they need to operate safely.


Collaboration is at the heart of Syntho. We recognize the power of working together and supporting one another to achieve our shared goals and objectives more efficiently. We value collaboration within our team and with our clients and partners, and we're committed to fostering an environment that encourages open communication, mutual respect, and productive teamwork.


At Syntho, we believe that people are our most valuable asset. Our team, clients, and partners are the driving force behind our success. We are dedicated to creating an environment that prioritizes the well-being and work-life balance of our employees, nurturing a positive and supportive company culture that fosters personal and professional growth, encourages creativity and innovation, and celebrates the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our team.

Meet the Team

About syntho team


Chief Product Officer

Marijn has a background in computing science, industrial engineering and finance and been working as a consultant in fields of cyber security and data analytics.

About syntho team

Wim Kees Janssen

Chief executive officer

Wim Kees has a background in economics, finance and investments and has experience in product development (including software) & strategy.

About syntho team


Chief technology officer

Simon has an education in artificial intelligence and experience in machine learning. As a data scientist he worked with large amounts of data within a variety of companies. 

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Digital Marketing Manager

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Younes Moustaghfir

Head of DevOps Services

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Software Engineer

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Software Developer

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Software Engineer intern

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Massimiliano Berardi

Software Engineer Intern

Francesco Marinucci





Business Dev Executive

About syntho team

Syntho won the Philips Innovation Award 2020!

Watch our winning synthetic data pitch!

Syntho - Synthetic Data - winner of the Philips Innovation Award 2020


We are experts in synthetic data. But, don’t worry, our team is real!

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