Synthetic data use cases

Use synthetic data instead of real (sensitive) data

Our clients utilize data smarter via various synthetic data use cases. Explore here the most valuable synthetic data use cases for you!

Example use case 1

Synthetic data as test data

Testing and development with representative test data is essential to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions.


Using personal data or original production data as testdata is not allowed and alternative methods are outdated and introduce “legacy-by-design”.

Our solution

Deliver and release state-of-the-art software solutions faster and with higher quality with AI generated synthetic test data.

Example use case 2

Synthetic data for analytics

We are in the middle of the digital revolution and data-driven solutions are about to change our entire world. However, those data-driven solutions are only as good as the data that they can utilize. This is challenging due to strict data / privacy regulations.


No data = no analytics. Many organizations have a sub-optimal data foundation where data cannot simply be used and shared.

Our solution

Build your strong data foundation with easy and fast access to as-good-as-real AI generated synthetic data.

Example use case 3

Synthetic data for product demo’s

Seeing is believing: you will need “demo data” for product demo’s to astonish your prospects with next-level product demos.


You potentially miss opportunities, because your demo data is suboptimal for product demo’s.

Our solution

Astonish your prospects with next-level product demos, tailored with representative AI generated synthetic demo data.

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