Synthetic data generation platform features

Synthetic data generation

Syntho mimics (sensitive) data with AI to generate synthetic data twins

With a synthetic data twin, Syntho aims for superior synthetic data quality in comparison to the original data. We do this this with our synthetic data software that uses state-of-the-art AI models. Those AI models generate completely new data records and model them in such a way that we preserve the characteristics, relationships and statistical patterns of the original data to such an extent that you can use it as-if it is original data. This is what we call a synthetic data twin – synthetic data with preserved characteristics, relationships and statistical patterns of the original data and maximized data quality.

Synthetic data augmentation

Smart data augmentation features

A synthetic data twin covers all cases that would be supported with production data

Hence, minimal manual work and configuration that one would experience with classic Test Data Management tools is required. The engineer can use our interface to find data relevant for a specific case. However, what if there is no data yet that covers this specific case?

Intelligent data augmentation allows you to optimize your data to cover all other cases

Although a synthetic data twin covers most cases, we support intelligent data augmentation features that allow users to configure the Syntho Engine to cover all other relevant cases. Consequently, if the engineer does not find data to the specific case (because the relevant data did not occur yet), he is able to generate it with our intelligent data augmentation features.

New data generation

Entirely new data generation for any data type relevant for a test case where data is not present.


Smart data combination generation

Data generation for combinations that did not occur, but might occur in the future, according to your business rules and logic.

Generating more (unlimited) data

More data generation of a specific test case where you do not have enough data (e.g. for edge cases).

Other features

Syntho’s other unique synthetic data features

Realize speed and agility

Production-grade test data

Automatically generate a synthetic twin of your production data with mixed data types in less than an hour.

Connect with all leading databases

Easily connect to all the most popular databases, or easily integrate with your existing test automation and CI/CD tools.

PII discovery and generation

Eliminate hours of manual work by automatically locating and synthesizing sensitive data throughout your database.

Automatic table relationship inference and synthesis

Automatically infer and generate primary and foreign keys that reflect your source tables and safeguard relationships throughout your database.

Advanced subsetting

Increase or decrease the number of records in your database, while keeping the referential integrity and relationships intact.

Smart data augmentation features

Generate completely new data from scratch or based on pre-defined rules.

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