The Syntho Engine Integration

How to integrate the Syntho Engine and generate synthetic data?

Seemless integration

Syntho offers an end-to-end integrated approach

The Syntho platform runs in your environment of choice and integrates with every leading database, filesystem and flat file. 

Databases and connectors of the Syntho Engine

Easy deployment

Deploy the Syntho Engine into your environment of choice

Easy deploy

Syntho typically deploys in the safe environment of our customers so that (sensitive) data never leaves the safe and trusted environment of the customer. Hence, the Syntho Engine is shipped in a Docker container and can be easily deployed and plugged into your environment of choice.

Possible deployment options include:

  • On-premise
  • Any (private) cloud
  • Syntho cloud
  • Any other environment
syntho engine

Hosting and data access requirements

We can run the Syntho Engine as a Docker container or python package in your secure IT environment.

Hardware requirements

Hosts that can connect to our Docker image. The minimum recommended specifications*:

  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 8 virtual CPUs
  • ‘Sufficient’ storage for the data

Software requirements

Docker Compose Deployment

  • Docker: 1.13.0+
  • Docker-compose: V3 and higher

Kubernetes Deployment (alternative)

  • Kubernetes: 1.20 and higher
  • helm: v3 and higher

High-level deployment architecture

Synthetic data deployment architecture

Easy connect

Connect to the source data and target data with our out-of-the-box connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors

As we support various out of the box connectors that are included in our Syntho Engine, you will be able to easily configure your synthetic data generation job and connect the Syntho Engine to the source environment and the target environment. As a result, Syntho colleagues will never see your original data and will not require access to your Syntho Engine and your save environment.

Features that we support for integration:

  • Plug-and-play with Docker
  • 20+ database connectors
  • 20+ filesystem connectors
syntho engine

Easy connect to source environment

Syntho enables you to easily connect with your source environment that could be databases, applications, data pipelines or file systems.

  • The source environment is the environment where your original data that you would like to synthesize is stored.

Easy connect to target environment

Syntho enables you to easily connect with your target environment that could be databases, applications, data pipelines or file systems.

  • The target environment is the environment where you would like to write the synthetic data to. It is the environment and location where you want to save and store the generated synthetic data.
syntho engine

Supported connectors

Syntho integrates with every leading database & filesystem. 


  • The illustration shows only some connectors that we support as example. The full list of supported connectors contains many more connectors.
  • Let us know if you miss a connector and we will build it for you!

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