Syntho Engine Deployment and Integration

How to deploy and integrate the Syntho Engine and generate synthetic data

High-level deployment architecture

Our platform is flexible, and deployable in any environment via docker-compose or Kubernetes. Within our Syntho Engine, we offer seamless integration options: a user-friendly interface (“Syntho Web UI”) or integration into you pipeline through our “Rest API”. This flexibility ensures easy deployment in your preferred environment, without external connections.

Syntho Engine Architecture

Seamless deployment in your environment

Syntho typically deploys in the safe environment of our customers so that (sensitive) data never leaves the safe and trusted environment of the customer. This allows you to synthesize at the source where the original data is stored so that data never leaves your safe environment and that Syntho never sees, receives or processes any data. Accordingly, the Syntho Engine and can be easily deployed and plugged into your environment of choice.

Possible deployment options include:

  • On-premise
  • Any (private) cloud (Your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.)
  • Syntho cloud
  • Any other environment
Databases and connectors of the Syntho Engine

Hosting and data access requirements

Syntho supports deployments via Docker-Compose and Kubernetes. Review our User Manual for the deployment instructions or contact our experts for questions related to deployment options.

Hardware requirements

Node 1: AI cluster node:

  • 32GB-64GB-128GB (based on expected data size)
  • 12-20 virtual CPUs (TBD based on expected data size)
  • 128 GB disk storage

Node 2: application node:

  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 4 virtual CPUs
  • 30GB disk storage

Host OS

  • Any Linux OS (x86 / x64)

Software requirements

Kubernetes Deployment 

  • Kubernetes: 1.20 and higher (recommended via managed service)
  • helm: v3 and higher
  • kubectl installed
  • Ingress Controller installed on cluster

Docker Compose Deployment

  • Docker: 1.13.0+
  • Docker-compose: V3 and higher

User documentation

Request Syntho’s User Documentation!