AI-Generated Synthetic Data

Mimic statistical patterns of original data in synthetic data with the power of artificial intelligence

AI Generated Synthetic Data

Introduction AI-Generated Synthetic Data

What is AI-Generated Synthetic Data?

Mimic the statistical patterns, relationships and characteristics of original data in synthetic data with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The AI algorithm is trained on the original data to learn characteristics, relationships, and statistical patterns. Subsequently, the model generates entirely new data. Key difference, the AI model mimics the characteristics, relationships, and statistical patterns of the original data in the synthetic data, and to such an extent that the generated synthetic data can even be used for advanced analytics. That is why Syntho refers to this as a synthetic data twin, it is synthetic data that can be used as-if it is real data.

Artificially Generated

Synthetic data is artificially generated by using algorithms and statistical techniques

Mimics Real Data

Synthetic data replicates the statistical characteristics and patterns of real-world data


Synthetically generated data consists of completely new and artificial datapoints with no one-to-one relationship to real data

AI Generated Synthetic Data

What makes Syntho's approach unique?

Assess generated synthetic data on accuracy, privacy, and speed

Syntho’s quality assurance report assesses generated synthetic data and demonstrates the accuracy, privacy, and speed of the synthetic data compared to the original data.

Our synthetic data is assessed and approved by the data experts of SAS

Synthetic data generated by Syntho is assessed, validated and approved from an external and objective point of view by the data experts of SAS.

Synthesize time-series data accurately with Syntho

Time series data is a datatype characterized by a sequence of events, observations and/or measurements collected and ordered with date-time intervals, typically representing changes in a variable over time, and is supported by Syntho.

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Why do organizations use AI-Generated Synthetic Data?

Unlock data and valuable insights

50% Of data for AI will be unlocked by privacy enhancing techniques

Gain digital trust

30% More profits for companies that earn and maintain digital trust with customers

Drive industry collaborations

70% Increase in industry collaborations expected with use of privacy tools

Realize speed and agility

Millions of hours saved by organizations that embrace synthetic data

What are typical use cases for AI-Generated Synthetic Data?

AI-generated Synthetic Data involves the creation of entirely new and artificial datasets based on real-world data. Algorithms generate synthetic data to mimic the statistical properties and patterns of real data. It is recommended for analytical related use cases with limited tables, as capturing statistical patterns across tables can be challenging.

Synthetic data for analytics

Build your strong data foundation with easy and fast access to as-good-as-real AI generated synthetic data.

Synthetic data for data sharing

Explore how to eliminate data sharing challenges that you will face when sharing original data

Synthetic data for product demo’s

Astonish your prospects with next-level product demos, tailored with representative AI generated synthetic demo data

Utilize our easy-to-use Syntho Engine for AI-Generated Synthetic Data

Configure AI Generated Synthetic Data effortlessly within our platform with user-friendly options tailored to your needs. For AI Generated Synthetic Data, simply drag the target table into the “Synthesize” section in the workspace.

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