Synthetic Data Real Impact

AI-generated synthetic data platform to accelerate data-driven solutions


What is Synthetic Data?

Mimic (sensitive) data with AI to generate synthetic data twins

Artificially Generated

Synthetic data is artificially generated by using algorithms and statistical techniques

Mimics Real Data

Synthetic data replicates the statistical characteristics and patterns of real-world data


Synthetically generated data consists of completely new and artificial datapoints with no one-to-one relationship to real data

Syntho Engine

Why synthetic data?

Turn data into a competitive advantage

Unlock data and valuable insights

50% Of data for AI will be unlocked by privacy enhancing techniques

Gain digital trust

30% More profits for companies that earn and maintain digital trust with customers

Drive industry collaborations

70% Increase in industry collaborations expected with use of privacy tools

Realize speed and agility

Millions of hours saved by organizations that embrace synthetic data

Synthetic data use cases

Explore how to use synthetic data in practise 

  • Unlock data for analytics and innovation
  • Train BI/AI/ML models based on full high quality datasets
  • Stay compliant with regulations
  • Production-like data as test data
  • Compliment real data with fake data using 150 mockers
  • Fully automated and integrated approach
  • Product demonstration for potential clients and partners
  • Training and onboarding new employees
  • Data sharing for vendor evaluation

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Why Syntho?

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