Why use real (sensitive) data when you can use synthetic data?

Syntho enables organizations to boost data-driven innovation in a privacy-preserving manner by providing AI software for generating synthetic data.

Syntho - synthetic data software

Why our customers use synthetic data

Build a strong foundation to realize data-driven innovation with...


No risk

Less risk with synthetic data

Our clients are able to minimize the use of original (sensitive) data by replacing it for synthetic data. Here, Syntho ensures compliance with modern data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR), to for example reduce privacy risks & security risk. Ultimately, by securely protecting personal data through the use of synthetic data, Syntho helps prevent customer victims and reputational damage.


More data

Syntho - synthetic data software to for more data in data driven innovation.innovation.

Synthetic data allows you to unlock personal data that was restricted due to privacy or prevents you from deleting valuable data due to expired data retention periods. Also, the Syntho engine allows you to generate more data records than available in the original data, and allows you to subset data to for example correct data inbalances or biases).


Faster data access

Syntho - synthetic data software to for faster data access in data driven innovation.innovation.

Time-consuming and energy-draining risk assessments, legal contracts, data access permission processes vanish when embracing synthetic data, resulting in an agile infrastructure to realize data-driven innovation. As spin off, it reduces the corresponding overhead costs from those trajectories, resulting in significant overhead-savings.

What makes us unique

We make synthetic data simple

Syntho - synthetic data software.

Our solution: synthetic data software

Syntho provides deep learning-based software for generating synthetic data. Key features of our solution that our clients emphasize include:

Syntho partners

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IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

IBM Hyper Protect

We are happy to collaborate with IBM and the IBM Hyper Protect Program that aims to take world-class security solution and their technology infrastructure to the next level.

NVIDIA Inception Program

NVIDIA Inception

We are happy to collaborate with the NVIDIA Inception program that is focused on boosting Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution providers with expertise and technology.



We are happy to collaborate with TBA that supports innovators in the cybersecurity and data protection fields with capital.

Award winning synthetic data solution

Philips Innovation Award Winner 2020

Syntho - synthetic data software. Syntho Winner of the Philips Innovation Award 2020 with their synthetic data solution