All Synthetic Data Generation approaches in one platform

Mimic (sensitive) data with AI to generate synthetic data twins

Mimic statistical patterns of original data in synthetic data with the power of artificial intelligence

Protect sensitive information by removing or modifying personally identifiable information (PII)

Create, maintain, and control representative test data for non-production environments

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Why Syntho?

The leading platform for all Synthetic Data Generation approaches

From AI-Generated Synthetic Data, De-Identification and Test Data Management. We have all solutions in one easy-to-use platform

Synthetic data is generated with the highest accuracy, assessed and approved by the data experts of SAS

We seamlessly handle all data types and optimized in supporting the most complex structures, such as time series data

Generate unlimitedly for a fixed price. Our monthly license is tailored to the features you need, not the volume of data you produce

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Our synthetic data is approved by the data experts of SAS

Seamless deployment in your environment

Syntho typically deploys in the safe environment of our customers so that (sensitive) data never leaves the safe and trusted environment of the customer. This allows you to synthesize at the source where the original data is stored so that data never leaves your save environment and that Syntho never sees, receives or processes any data. Accordingly, the Syntho Engine and can be easily deployed and plugged into your environment of choice.

Possible deployment options include:

  • On-premise
  • Any (private) cloud (Your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.)
  • Syntho cloud
  • Any other environment

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How to connect to data?

Step 1

Connect to Source Data

Syntho enables you to easily connect with the source data that is stored in your source environment. The Source Data is the data that you would like to synthesize and the Source Environment is the location where the Source Data is stored, which could be a database or filesystem.

Step 2

Connect to Target Environment

Syntho enables you to easily connect with the target environment. The Target Environment is the environment where you would like to write the generated synthetic data to, which could be a database or filesystem.

Connect to data

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