Syntho Engine

The solution for AI generated synthetic data

The Syntho Engine: how does it work?

Generate synthetic data twins

Step 1

Easy connect to data

Easily connect to all the most popular databases, or easily integrate with your existing test automation and CI/CD tools.

Step 2

Generate synthetic data 

Syntho automatically infers the right settings for your synthetic data job, like data types, PII and table relationships. You can further optimize these settings to match your use case.



Step 3

Train and generate synthetic data

Syntho’s AI learns  your data’s patterns, relationships and distributions, which is then used to generate a synthetic copy of your data.

Step 3

Analyze and go!

Track your synthetic data jobs and observe how the data is automatically written to your destination of choice. Once a job is finished, you can analyze the privacy and utility of your synthetic data in your quality report.


The Syntho Engine: video demo


The Syntho Engine: what data is supported?

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