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The leading platform for AI generated synthetic data

AI Generated Synthetic Data

Revolutionizing AI-Generated Synthetic Data

Syntho provides a self-service synthetic data generation platform that supports any form of tabular data to unlock your data and to take away legitimate privacy concerns. Our Syntho Engine software mimics (sensitive) data by utilizing the power of AI to generate a synthetic data twin of the original data.

As a result, this synthetic data twin is:

Key differentiators

Key upgrades of Syntho Engine 2.0

AI-Generated Synthetic data in just 3 steps with our user-friendly self-service platform

Fastest synthetic data generation (benchmarked against open source and commercial)

Support for massive data with minimal computing resources

Enhanced support for time series data / longitudinal data

Enhanced support for multi-table databases

Explore the extended features, such as:

  • PII column scanner
  • PII identification & obfuscation in open texts
  • New mockers
  • New connectors
  • Subsetting
  • Workspace sharing

How does it work?

Generate synthetic data with our most easy to use platform

Step 1

Easy deploy 

Syntho typically deploys in the safe environment of our customers so that (sensitive) data never leaves the safe and trusted environment of the customer.

The Syntho Engine is shipped in a Docker container and can be easily deployed and plugged into your environment of choice. Consequently, Syntho will never see data, will never process data, will never have access to data and there are no connections to outside the deployment environment.

Possible deployment options include:

  • On-premise
  • Any (private) cloud
  • Syntho cloud
  • Any other environment

Step 2

Easy connect to data

As we support various out of the box connectors that are included in our Syntho Engine, you will be able to easily configure your synthetic data generation job and connect the Syntho Engine to the source environment (where your original data that you would like to synthesize is stored) and the target environment (where you would like to write the synthetic data to) for an end-to-end integrated approach.

As a result, he platform is fully self serviced and Syntho will never see data, will never process data, will never have access to data and there are no connections to outside the deployment environment.

Connection features that we support:

  • Plug-and-play with Docker
  • 20+ database connectors
  • 20+ filesystem connectors

Step 3

Easy use and generation of synthetic data 

Our platform is optimized for easy use so that anyone can generate and benefit from the value of synthetic data via our easy to use self-service platform. Manual work is minimized by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) as much as possible. We utilize AI not only for generating synthetic data, but also by automating manual work related to pre-processing, configurations and settings making your ride as user as smooth as possible.

Step 4

Bring synthetic data to production!

Our enterprise-ready synthetic data generation platform allows you to track your synthetic data jobs, have user management (for multiple users) and observe how the data is automatically written to your destination of choice with our end-to-end integrated approach. We maximize the data accuracy for every synthetic data generation job and demonstrate this via our data quality report. In addition, the SAS data experts assessed and approved our synthetic data from an external point of view. Once a job is finished, you can analyze the privacy and utility of your synthetic data in your quality report.


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