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Syntho quality evaluation

The Syntho Engine: how does it work?

Deploy and connect

Step 1

Easy deploy

The Syntho Engine is shipped in a Docker container and can be easily deployed and plugged into your environment of choice.

Possible deployment options include:

  • On-premise
  • Any (private) cloud
  • Syntho hosting in IBM HyperProtect Cloud

Step 2

Easy connect

Syntho enables you to easily connect with your databases, applications, data pipelines or file systems. Easily read and share the generated synthetic data from/to your desired location, i.e. on-premise or (private) cloud.

Connection features that we support:

  • Plug-and-play with Docker
  • 20+ database connectors
  • 20+ filesystem connectors

The Syntho Engine: how does it work?

Generate synthetic data twins

Step 1

Start a new synthetic data job

The Syntho Engine automatically discovers data types, personally identifiable information (PII) and recommended table associations. You can easily configure the synthetic data generation settings to maximize the value of your synthetic data.

Preparation features:

  • Automatic inference of data types
  • Automatic PII discovery
  • Automatic table association inference

Step 2

Train and generate

After configuration, the Syntho Engine will train the AI models for generating the synthetic data and write it back to the target data source or database.

Run features:

  • Average runtime <1 hour
  • Scale to large databases
  • Track job progress

Step 3

Analyze the synthetic data quality

The Syntho Engine automatically generates a detailed quality report for every generated synthetic dataset.

Evaluation metrics that are included:

  • Utility metrics
  • Privacy metrics
  • Available as integrated dashboard and PDF

Step 4


Track your synthetic data jobs and easily share synthetic datasets via secure transfer methods.

Interface features:

  • Trace synthetic data jobs
  • Easily share synthetic datasets
  • Identity & access management


The Syntho Engine: what data is supported?

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