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About Syntho

Founded in 2020, Syntho is an Amsterdam-based company revolutionizing the tech industry with AI-generated synthetic data. As the leading provider of synthetic data software, Syntho’s mission is to empower businesses worldwide to generate and leverage high-quality Synthetic Data at scale.

Syntho solves three main data access problems:

  1. AI-generated data for analytics: Mimic the statistical patterns, relationships, and characteristics of original data in synthetic data with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Clients may share synthetic data and use it for AI modeling.
  2. Smart de-identification: De-identification is a process used to protect sensitive information by removing or modifying personally identifiable information (PII) from a dataset or database.
  3. Test data management: Leverage synthetic data in a robust solution for ensuring data privacy, accuracy, and utility in testing environments. By generating realistic synthetic datasets, enables comprehensive testing while safeguarding sensitive information, accelerating development cycles, and optimizing resource allocation.

What we do: AI-Generated Synthetic Data at scale

Syntho, through its Syntho Engine, is the leading provider of Synthetic Data software and is committed to enable businesses worldwide to generate and utilize high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. By making privacy-sensitive data more accessible and more rapidly available, Syntho enables  organizations to accelerate the adoption of data-driven innovation. Accordingly, Syntho is winner of the prestigious Philips Innovation Award, Unesco’s Challenge at VivaTech and is listed as Generative AI startup “to watch” by NVIDIA. So, why use real data when you could use synthetic data?

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Syntho Founders

Marijn Vonk

Marijn has a background in computer science, industrial engineering and finance. He has worked as a consultant in the cybersecurity and data analytics field.

Wim Kees Janssen

Wim Kees has a background in economics, finance and investments and has experience in product development (including software) & strategy.

Simon Brouwer

Simon has a background in AI and machine learning. As a data scientist he worked with large amounts of data within a variety of companies.

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Data Privacy- A Key Driver for Success

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More compliance costs for companies that lack privacy protection

0 %

More profits for companies that earn and maintain digital trust with customers

0 %

Increase in industry collaborations expected with use of privacy tools

0 %

Of population will have data privacy regulations in 2023, up from 10% today

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Of training data for AI will be synthetically generated by 2024

0 %

Of customers trust their insurer to use their personal data

0 %

Of data for AI will be unlocked by privacy enhancing techniques

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Of organizations have storage of personal data as biggest privacy risk

0 %

Of companies cite privacy as no. 1 barrier for AI implementation

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Of privacy compliance tooling will rely on AI in 2023, up from 5% today


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Philips Innovation Award 2020 Winner!

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Syntho - Synthetic Data - winner of the Philips Innovation Award 2020

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