Synthetic Mock Data

Substitute sensitive PII, PHI, and other identifiers

Synthetic Mock Data

Introduction Synthetic Mock Data

What is Synthetic Mock Data?

Substitute sensitive PII, PHI and other identifiers with representative Synthetic Mock Data that follow business logic and patterns.

What is PII, PHI and what are identifiers?

PII stands for Personal Identifiable Information. PHI stands for Personal Health Information and is an extended version of PII dedicated for health information. Both PII and PHI are identifiers and relate to any information that can be used to directly distinguish or trace an individual’s identity. Here with identifiers, only one person shares this trait.

Examples of PII, PHI and identifiers

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Social Security Number, SSN
  • Bank number etc.

Why do organizations use mockers?

PII, PHI and other direct identifiers are sensitive and can be spotted manually or automatically with our PII scanner to save time and minimize manual work. Then, one can apply Mockers to substitute real values with mock values to de-identify data and enhance privacy.

Synthetic Mock Data

What mockers are supported by Syntho?

Syntho supports +150 different mockers

Syntho supports +150 different mockers that are also available in different languages and alphabets. Syntho supports default mockers like first name, last name, phone numbers, but also more advanced mockers to generate mock data that could follow your defined business rules.

Advanced mockers

Our platform provides a wide variety of advanced mockers capable of producing synthetic data either from scratch or following predefined rules. These advanced mockers offer customization options, allowing tailoring to specific use cases or scenarios, making them a versatile and powerful for rule-based generated synthetic data. This provides a smart solution for generating substantial datasets of authentic-looking data, ideal for testing and development purposes.

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Synthetic mock data in 3 steps

You can easily apply mockers via our easy-to-use platform. In our platform, we have two different manners to apply mockers, either via the Job Configuration tab, or via the PII tab.

1. Identify PII

Scan PII automatically with our AI powered PII Scanner or identify columns that you would like to mock.

PII Scanner

2. Select Mockers

Select the suggested mocker by our PII scanner or configure mockers on column level.

3. Apply Mocker

Confirm to apply the selected mocker on a column via the PII or Job Configuration tab. 

Confirm Mocker

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