Webinar recording: Unlock the Power of Synthetic Data Generation

Methods, use cases and customers stories

Practical details:

Date: Wednesday, 6th December

Time: 5:00pm CET

Duration: 45 minutes 

*Webinar location details will be shared shortly after the registration.


  • Current state of synthetic data development 

  • Understanding synthetic data vs traditional approaches

  • Test and development use cases

  • Exploring industry-specific data types

  • Getting started: Key steps and requirements

Synthetic data is still quite a new phenomena. It is being used in place of traditional anonymized data techniques, especially in AI training and development by organizations. The main goal is to maintain high data quality standards while minimizing the privacy impact of potential data subjects. We’ll explain what synthetic data is and how it’s different from the old ways of making data. We’ll show you how it’s used for testing and development in various industries. If you want to start using synthetic data but don’t know how, we’ll give you all the information you need to get started. Join us, and we’ll answer all your questions and make everything easy to understand.


about syntho

Wim Kees Janssen

CEO and AI generated test data expert - Syntho

As founder and CEO of Syntho, Wim Kees aims to turn privacy by design into a competitive advantage with AI generated test data. Hereby, he aims to solve key challenges that are introduced by classic test Data Management tools, that are slow, require manual work and do not offer production-like data and consequently introduce "legacy-by-design".

about syntho

Uliana Krainska

Business Development Executive - Syntho

Uliana is helping enterprise clients unlock privacy-sensitive data, make smarter data decisions and faster data access, so that organizations can realize data-driven innovation.

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