Webinar: AI generated test data


Marie-José Bonthuis

Marie-José Bonthuis

Privacy1 - Senior legal privacy professional

Marie-José Bonthuis is an senior legal privacy professional at Privacy1 and helps organizations, partnerships, healthcare institutions and hospitals, SMEs and education in implementing privacy legislation in a responsible and practical manner. During the webinar, she will share relevant privacy aspects related to test data

Barış Gül

Barış Gül

Knab - Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Barış has over 7 years of financial industry experience and with 5+ years focused on Software Testing. Barış has many experience with test automation in different environments. What motivates Barış in his work is to contribute to improving the quality of the product and to make it close to perfection for the end users. Barış is currently working at Knab (based in Amsterdam) as SDET and before that he worked at Intertech IT (Istanbul) which provides E2E finance and banking applications.

syntho CEO

Wim Kees Janssen

Syntho - CEO and AI generated test data expert

As founder and CEO of Syntho, Wim Kees aims to turn privacy by design into a competitive advantage with AI generated test data. Hereby, he aims to solve key challenges classic that are introduced by classic test Data Management tools, that are slow, require manual work and do not offer production-like data and consequently introduce "legacy-by-design". As a result, Wim Kees accelerates organizations in getting their test data right to develop state of the art tech solution.

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