Syntho joins the SAS Hackathon

Wim Kees giving the presentation during the SAS Hackathon

Synthetic Data and Its Impact on Data Analytics

In a short video, our CEO and Founder, Wim Kees Janssen, explains the challenge and the integration of Syntho and SAS.

The use of data analytics is becoming increasingly important for organizations, especially in sectors with privacy sensitive data, such as healthcare. Hospitals and healthcare providers have access to large amounts of data, which potentially can be used to improve patient care. However, privacy-sensitive patient data is often difficult to access and work with. Synthetic data is a promising solution to this problem, and Syntho is at the forefront of this technology.

Syntho has collaborated with SAS, a leader in data analytics, as part of the SASHackathon to work on a joint project with a leading hospital to improve patient care. The aim is to unlock the privacy-sensitive patient data using synthetic data and make it available for analytics via SAS to translate data into insights. This collaboration has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with valuable insights from data while ensuring patient privacy.

Synthetic Data in Healthcare

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