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Amsterdam, 24th May 2022

Syntho and Researchable are joining forces to turn privacy by design into a competitive advantage with AI generated synthetic data.

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Syntho has a partnership with Groningen-based company Researchable to further develop the synthetic data platform. By doing so, they joined forces to solve the privacy dilemma in an accelerated way. The collaboration between both companies focuses on the further development of Syntho’s generative ML models and the development of the underlying software and systems. Researchable is a software partner with a scientific background and specialises in the development and architecture of data-intensive applications. 

Joining forces

Syntho is an expert in synthetic data technology and has developed an AI model that makes it possible to synthesise privacy-sensitive data while preserving the original value of the data. Researchable, located in Groningen, has extensive expertise in designing and implementing complex software systems that are required to make Syntho’s model scalable, sustainable, and secure. “By tapping into each other’s expertise, we are joining forces to enable end-users to safely adopt Syntho’s AI solution”, explains Ando Emerencia, CTO at Researchable.

The value of synthetic data

It is essential that privacy legislation is in place, but sometimes this means that data-driven innovations are not always possible within organisations. Syntho’s software makes it possible to make data completely anonymous by synthesising it through artificial intelligence. “The potential of synthetic data is enormous because this new technology allows data to be shared freely within and outside organisations without violating the privacy of individuals”, explains Simon Brouwer, CTO at Syntho. “Besides data sharing, there are many other interesting use cases we could think of. For example, our technology is often used to configure test and development stages, allowing software developers and data scientists to truly work according to the ‘privacy-by-design’ principle”

About Syntho: Syntho enables organisations to boost innovation in a privacy-preserving way by providing AI software for synthetic data. They provide a synthetic data engine that uses advanced AI models to generate entirely new synthetic data. Instead of using privacy-sensitive data, our clients use AI software to generate high quality synthetic data. The AI generates completely new data, but Syntho is able to model the new data points to preserve the characteristics, relationships, and statistical patterns of the original data. Syntho’s software provides organisations with a strong and widely applicable platform to realise data innovations with more data, faster data access and zero data privacy risks. Syntho is the winner of the 2020 Philips Innovation Award and received its first investment round in 2021, led by TIIN Capital from the Dutch Security TechFund.

About Researchable: Researchable is a software development and data company dedicated to helping organisations build software applications with core analytical components like forecasting, machine learning, real-time intelligence, and statistical analysis. The company was founded in 2018 by former computer scientists from the University of Groningen to help other researchers automate their data collection and data analysis. Due to the growing interest by industry to do more with data, Researchable started to focus on this area as well. Today, Researchable is a technical partner for organisations that have the ambition to innovate through data and data-intensive software applications. They work with organisations such as Vitens, UMCG, Leiden University, the Ministry of Defense, and the University of Twente. They are also ISO27001 certified. 

Supported by the province of Noord-Holland

This partnership is made possible through financial support from the province of Noord-Holland.

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For more information about the partnership between Syntho and Researchable, please contact Simon Brouwer (