Why is testing important?

Testing and development with representative test data is essential to deliver state-of-the-art tech solutions. In this video snippet, Francis Welbie will shed light on testing importance. 

This video is captured from the Syntho webinar about why do organizations use synthetic data as test data?. Watch the full video here.



Why is software testing important to develop tech solutions like software?

[Wim Kees]: We are in the middle of the digital revolution and software development is crucial and actually accelerating the digital revolution. But maybe, Francis, why is actually testing important in the development of those solutions?

[Francis]: Well, that is a question that can be answered in various ways. First thing is, of course, if we talk about testing, we always say, yes, we have to prevent bugs coming into production. So that’s always the first answer to to give. But I think it’s also if you are more and more into testing, you’ll also see that nowadays we do continuous testing, because we have continuous deployments and continuous development, all kind of all things around. So every day we ask ourselves, is this the right feature? Is this the right application that we that we want to use? Is it fit for purpose?  Do we really find that market spot? Do we really satisfy those customers? Or do we really satisfies those users? And do we really get the return on investment on it for example, right? And that’s of course it has something to do with bugs, but it is much wider. It has to do with trust, with learning, with  exploring with training. So we do it everyday.

What other elements are relevant for developing tech solutions like software?

[Francis] And currently the current way of developing with the CI/CD pipelines, all also requires continuous testing and of course also, the continuous usage of test data. I think a very important step in testing is of course, the context that I’m testing in and  context, I mean maybe the organization, but also environmental stuff. What can I or can I not do in this context? And well, we are also living in a data-driven society, currently, so I think, that’s also coming back in our testing. So, therefore, testing is, well, it’s crucial. It gives us insights into the product It gives you insight into the quality, but also insight into, what can we expect?

What is the role of test data in developing tech solutions like software?

[Wim Kees]: And yeah, given that that topic about about testing, what is actually the role of test data in that?

[Francis]: Well, I think, if you don’t have any test data, you cannot test of course. Because all the tests that we do, are you using data provided by the application, by the test object that we are going to test, right? Or the context that we’re going to test in. So it is crucial. Without any test data. And I mean in the all aspects, we call files, we go databases, we all those kinds of things. You cannot do anything. So it’s crucial to have great test data, to perform testing smoothly.

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