SAS & Syntho with AI generated data

AI-generated synthetic data is a new solution to quickly and easily get access to high quality data. This webinar aims to answer frequently asked questions about synthetic data generation and its implementation. However, not from the point of view of the generator of synthetic data (Syntho), but from the point of view of SAS, market leader in analytics.

SAS Syntho AI generated Synthetic data


Why join this webinar?

Analytics experts from SAS evaluated generated synthetic datasets from Syntho via various analytics (AI) assessments and would like to share the outcomes with you. Area’s that we will cover in this webinar are:

  • How does synthetic data compares with other Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)?
  • What is the value of synthetic data and what challenges does it solve?
  • What is the data quality and how does it compares to the original data?
    • Here, SAS analytics experts will demonstrate results from their synthetic data assessment and will reveal the truth with you.
  • How to start with synthetic data and how to implement it within your organization?
  • Many organizations see the value of synthetic data. But, how can you spot value adding synthetic data use cases?

2:30 pm

Welcome and meet up at KNVB #11 in Zeist

3:00 pm

Opening Curiosity2Day – virtual event

4:10 pm


4:30 pm

Start SAS D[N]A Café 

4:30 pm

Welcome by host Veronique van Vlasselaer, Analytics & AI lead at SAS

4:35 pm

Introduction Daphne van Dijk, Community Manager KNVB #11

4:40 pm

Edwin van Unen, Principal Analytics Consultant bij SAS
Evaluating statistical integrity of synthetic data for developing models and operationalizing analytics

4:55 pm

Rein Mertens, Head of Customer Advisory SAS Platform, registered DPO
Evaluation of privacy

5:10 pm

Wim Kees Janssen, CEO Syntho and Marijn Vonk, CPO Syntho
An introduction to synthetic data, how does it work, where to start and how to spot value adding synthetic data business cases?

5:25 pm

Q&A – Closing

5:30 pm

Network drinks

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