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AI generated test data

Testing and development with high quality test data is essential to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions. Using original production data seems obvious, but is not allowed due to (privacy) regulations. This introduces challenges for many organizations in getting the test data right.


Classic Test Data Management (TDM) tools introduce "legacy-by-design"

Does not reflect production data

Slow and time consuming

Manual work required

* Examples: mock data, scrambled data, dummy data, masked data or anonymized data.

Our solution: AI generated test data

Create a digital twin based on your production data

Our Syntho Engine mimics your end-to-end production environment to generate a digital twin based on your production data with the power of AI. With our connectors, we load this digital twin fully automatically into your test environment. The result: AI generated test data; an easy and fast solution to generate compliant production-like test data.

AI generated test data: Create a digital twin based on your production data

Production-like data

Privacy by design

Easy, fast and agile


Deliver state-of-the-art software solutions with AI generated test data

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