How scalable is synthetic data and the Syntho Engine?

The Syntho Engine is very scalable. Synthesizing goes fast and works the same for every type of dataset. Basically, there is no limit to the amount of datasets/databases you can synthesize. Watch the video below to see more about this.

This video is captured from the Syntho x SAS D[N]A Café about AI Generated Synthetic Data. Find the full video here.

A question about performance on large datasets – how fast does the Syntho Engine work and does it scale?

The Syntho Engine performs well on larger datasets, also in AI-cases. Additionally, in terms of scalability, after deploying the model it takes about one hour to generate a synthetic dataset. Whereas anonymizing a dataset can take weeks or even months. Synthetic data works the same for every dataset, which makes it very scalable.

Data is synthetic, but our team is real!

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