What test data do you use?

The video illustrates the results of the poll and explains what test data people use.

This video is captured from the Syntho webinar about why do organizations use synthetic data as test data?. Watch the full video here.

On LinkedIn, we asked people what test data they use.

what data do you use


We asked the question about the type of test data that is commonly used, and discussed the options and challenges of using production data for testing.

Using Production Data for Testing

Francis shared his experience of how using production data for testing can be a lot of work. Copying production data into the test environment may seem easy, but it comes with challenges. For example, there may be issues with fitting the data into the test environment, causing it to run slowly or not load at all.

The Challenges of Masking Data

Francis also mentioned that masking the data will make the process even more challenging. It will require extra effort, and the problems may become even more complex. While it seems like an easy step to use production data for testing, in practice, it is not that simple.

Perception vs. Reality:

Frederick noted that many people believe using production data for testing is easier because it is readily available. However, it is a deep-seated belief that may not necessarily reflect reality.

Trustworthy Data

Francis emphasized that using production data for testing can result in data becoming old and untrustworthy. Over time, the data may no longer reflect the production environment, making it difficult to determine if the testing results are accurate.


In conclusion, using production data for testing may seem like a simple solution, but it can come with numerous challenges. It requires significant effort and may not produce trustworthy results in the long run. Companies should consider alternative options such as synthetic data or other methods to ensure accurate testing.

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