Syntho achievements

Have a look at what Syntho have achieved just in a few years after founding. The collection is already impressing and it is growing!

Syntho joins the NVIDIA Inception Program!

We are happy to collaborate with the NVIDIA Inception program that is focused on boosting Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution providers with expertise and technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the core of our solution. Hence we are happy to announce our partnership with NVIDIA and the NVIDIA Inception Program to further enhance our solution.

Unlike traditional accelerators, NVIDIA Inception supports solution providers through their entire life cycle. There are no application deadlines, cohorts, or term limits. Once a startup has joined NVIDIA Inception, they’re able to remain in the program as long as they keep their membership active.

This program focuses on supporting game-changing solution providers across the globe leveraging Artificial Intelligence (A). A perfect match to further develop our synthetic data proposition!

Why we joined the NVIDIA Inception Program?

  • Access to world-class experts in the field of AI & data science with deep enterprise expertise over 20+ sectors
  • Partnering with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure for business with next-generation advanced data and AI capabilities
  • Access to a worldwide network of next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution providers

Syntho joins the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Program !

IBM Hyper Protect program

We are happy to collaborate with IBM and the IBM Hyper Protect Program that aims to take world-class security solution and their technology infrastructure to the next level.

Security is top priority for Syntho. Hence we are happy to announce our partnership with IBM and the IBM Hyper Protect program to further enhance our solution.

This program focuses on supporting game-changing solution providers across the globe leveraging highly sensitive data in digital, financial and healthcare services. A perfect match to further develop our synthetic data proposition!

Syntho starts in the TechGrounds incubator program!

syntho achievements

After pitching our vision on Synthetic Data, collecting feedback and developing our MVP, Syntho is ready for the next step. Syntho will start in the TechGrounds incubator program to further bring the added value of Synthetic Data to the market!

During the program, Syntho aims to bring the concept of synthetic data to the market through pilots and proof of concepts. The TechGrounds incubator program offers a wide network and excellent mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs. In addition, we will cooperate with talented coders from the TechGrounds coding school and work towards a scalable version of the Syntho Engine.


About TechGrounds

TechGrounds is a school without teachers. We have learning coaches. Learning to learn and peer learning is the foundation of our learning principles. Our IT learning coaches help students find their own way to the answer or solution. In this way we sow the seeds for lifelong learning and learning with and from each other. The learning rooms are located in the middle of the neighborhood. TechGrounds is accessible to everyone because a prior education or diploma is not required and we also pay for your education. In this way we bring job opportunities & digitization close and we create role models.

Syntho participates in the Dutch AI Coalition!

NL AI Coalitie x Syntho

Today, Syntho was present at the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition (NLAIC) kick off in the Hague. As a member of the coalition, Syntho will collaborate with government, business, research and social organizations in order to stimulate, boost and organize Dutch activities in the area of AI. At the core, the coalition aims to position the Netherlands at the forefront of AI and functions as AI catalyst. Within the 5 defined themes, Syntho will participate in the topic ‘data sharing’. Specifically, when it comes down to privacy as data sharing limitation, we apply our expertise in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) to boost innovation and make sure that data can be freely used and shared without privacy and GDPR concerns.

Syntho's trip to Eindhoven - a new startup ecosystem

Syntho's trip to Eindhoven

Syntho meets High Tech Campus Eindhoven​

Syntho’s trip to Eindhoven. Why Eindhoven? Why travel to the other side of the country? Why not stay in the trusted startup ecosystem of Amsterdam? First, Eindhoven has an interesting startup ecosystem. More than 40 procent of all patent requests come from the High Tech Campus, which attracts a diverse set of companies. Second, Eindhoven is “leading in technology” with the High Tech Campus, also well known as the “smartest square kilometre in Europe”, as epicenter for corresponding innovation. Finally, Syntho was invited to pitch at the event “Drinks, Pitches & Demos” at the High Tech Campus by High Tech XL.

Drinks, Pitches & Demos​

Syntho was one of the 6 lucky startups to be selected as pitcher at the “Drinks, Pitches & Demos” event on 4 September. Here, startups, innovators and inspired professionals gather together to meet people and join the open innovation ecosystem of Eindhoven. Although it was an informal pitch event, it was utterly useful to demonstrate Syntho and receive feedback on our ambition: use and share data without privacy concerns.

KPN Startup Evening

After a day of hard work at High Tech XL that provided us with excellent working space, it was time for the KPN Startup Evening. A network event with the main goal: creating connections and finding ways of working together in the ecosystem. Not only was it useful the see fellow entrepreneurs demonstrating their innovations, it was highly interesting to discuss Syntho’s use cases and receive feedback on them.

CTO Simon Brouwer presenting

Another podium place for Syntho at the 149th Startup Battle in Amsterdam!

podium place for Syntho
Marijn Vonk
Marijn Vonk

Syntho won the ASIF P!TCH runner up price 2019!

Wim Kees Janssen
Syntho won the asif

group of people smiling

Data is synthetic, but our team is real!

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