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Syntho is expert in end-to-end synthetic data generation and implementation. We excel in both generating (1) Synthetic Data Twins and supporting various (2) Synthetic Data Optimization and Augmentation features. This page describes the concept of generating Synthetic Data Twins.

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The difference explained

Twin versus Optimization and Augmentation

Generating a Synthetic Data Twin

Synthetic Data Twin

When generating a Synthetic Data Twin, Syntho mimics the original data as closely as possible while realizing privacy. Syntho generates completely new datapoints and models them in such a way that the properties, relationships and statistical patterns of the original data are preserved. Even complex, hidden patterns, relationships and inefficiencies are captured, so the synthetic data can be used as a direct alternative to the original data.

Data Optimization and Augmentation features

Data Optimization and Augmentation

The foundation for Synthetic Data Optimization and Augmentation is a Synthetic Data Twin. From this foundation, we can optimize and augment your data using smart generative AI based on the requirements, logic and constraints of your business. We offer various value-adding synthetic data optimization and augmentation features to take your (both ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’) data to the next level. 

The concept of a synthetic data twin explained

What is a Synthetic Data Twin?

With a Synthetic Data Twin, Syntho aims for superior synthetic data quality in comparison to the original data. We do this this with our synthetic data software that uses state-of-the-art AI models. Those AI models generate completely new datapoints and models them in such a way that we preserve the characteristics, relationships and statistical patterns of the original data to such an extent that you can use it as-if it is original data. This is what we call a synthetic data twin, synthetic data with preserved characteristics, relationships and statistical patterns of the original data and maximized data quality.

This opens up a wide range of use cases. Now, as opposed to using sensitive original data, one can use our top-notch generated synthetic data, where synthetic data is preferred over the (sensitive) original data. The Syntho Engine gives organizations a strong and widely applicable solution to realize innovations with no risk, superior data quality that works easy and fast.

maximized data quality?

How we evaluate generated synthetic data

We offer superior data quality that preserves referential integrity, distributions, correlations, multivariate distributions and many more. Next to those statistics, we evaluate our generated synthetic data with complex analytics models (artificial intelligence models, Business Intelligence dashboards etc.). Syntho offers a quality report for every generated synthetic dataset to demonstrate this.

Synthetic data quality report template

Our report

Snapshots from our synthetic data quality report


Synthetic data distributions
Distributions give insight in the frequency of a certain data record for a given category or value and are captured by the Syntho Engine. 


Synthetic data correlations
Correlations provide insight in the degree to which two variables are related and are captured by the Syntho Engine.  


Synthetic data multivariate distributions
Multivariate distributions and correlations provide insight for combinations of categories and are also captured by the Syntho Engine.

External references

Analytics experts from SAS assess our synthetic data

We aim for maximal data quality. Hence, next to our own quality report, data analytics experts from SAS (market leader in analytics) evaluate generated synthetic datasets from Syntho on a regular basis via various analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, modeling, algorithm training etc.) assessments and will be available for you on-demand. We do this, because we would like to provide you with insights into our superior data quality, but not only from the point of view of the generator or synthetic data (Syntho), but from and external and objective point of view (in this case SAS, market leader in analytics).

Those results will be available on request. Additionally, we will host a webinar with SAS, where the analytics experts will share their results with you.


The truth about synthetic data revealed

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