Revolutionizing Data-Driven Future with AI-Generated Synthetic Data

September Marks a New Beginning: Have You Recharged for Change?

As the summer season has come to an end, it’s time to reflect. Have you had a chance to recharge? Did you take your rest and are you ready to make the difference? Are you ready to step forward and make a lasting impact? The moment is ripe for change, especially when it comes to data initiatives that can transform your organization.

This is your chance to immediately effect change! Explore with us why leading organizations struggle with building data solutions due to challenges around accessing privacy-sensitive data. Check out why those organizations consider using AI Generated Synthetic Data to overcome those challenges and how they unlock the full potential of their data to build smart data solutions. Discover how you could make the difference for your organization and visit us at the leading data events: Big Data Expo in Utrecht and Intelligent Health in Basel.

syntho at the events

Why AI Generated Synthetic Data?

Synthetic data is the key to turning privacy-sensitive data into a powerful competitive advantage. This privacy-sensitive data:

  • Is time-consuming to access
  • Requires extensive paperwork to access
  • And cannot simply be used.
By leveraging synthetic data, organizations can unlock hidden insights and harness the potential of their data without compromising privacy. That is why Syntho is on a mission to unlock this data with synthetic data so that organizations can realize data-driven innovation. Discover how leading institutions are using this innovative approach to break down the barriers that have long hindered progress. Witness how these organizations are tapping into the full potential of their data to build smart and effective solutions.

Syntho will visit Big Data Expo in Utrecht

Our journey starts from Big Data Expo where we will be present from 12-13 September. At our booth, you can discover how the Syntho Engine, our synthetic data platform, unlocks the vast potential of data. On Wednesday, you will have a chance to learn a lot of interesting insights from Syntho presentation. Our CPO Marijn Vonk will be talking about unleashing data-driven innovation and this session explores how organizations can gain a competitive edge using AI-generated Synthetic Data.

marijn vonk as a speaker at big data expo

Syntho will visit Intelligent Health in Basel

During 13-14th September, our mission takes us to the Intelligent Health Conference in Basel, Switzerland. This global summit for healthcare technology visionaries offers us a unique platform to present our innovative solutions to a worldwide audience. In Basel, our CEO Wim Kees Janssen will be one of the speakers, where will highlight the need for healthcare innovation and the important role that synthetic data plays in striking the delicate balance between data privacy and progress by exploring the boundless possibilities of healthcare AI and the transformative changes.

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Why to meet us there - Recognitions and Awards

Syntho’s innovative approach to AI-generated synthetic data has gained recognition for its role in advancing data privacy in software testing and advanced analytics, as data is key to revolutionizing the tech industry. Syntho won the prestigious Philips Innovation Award, became the winner of the global SAS Hackathon in the category of Healthcare and Life Sciences and is shortlisted as a generative AI startup to watch in healthcare by NVIDIA

By our active participation in significant events: Big Data Expo in Utrecht and Intelligent Health in Basel, we aim to showcase our commitment to unlocking the full potential of data, so visit our booths and learn more about how synthetic data can help organizations leveraging the power of AI and revolutionize different industries.

Can't Attend? No Problem: Stay Connected

If you missed Syntho at these recent events but are eager to explore the possibilities of synthetic data across different industries, don’t hesitate to connect with our experts. Our team is always ready to engage, discuss, and partner with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and organizations.

Ready to Dive Deeper? Check out Our Resources

For a deeper understanding of the impact of synthetic data, you can request our synthetic data guide or delve into our enlightening case studies. The future of data privacy is within your reach.

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