How to get up to speed with data innovation in a GDPR-framework

The webinar will begin with an exploration of how organisations can get up to speed with data innovation in a GDPR framework. We’ll start with a brief overview of the GDPR, the principles and basic requirements under the regulation before turning to the proposed Artificial Intelligence. Followed by an overview of several key solutions to make sure you meet regulations and keep the value of your data. Save your spot by registering below!

Webinar GDPR data innovation


Overview of the Laws: GDPR and EU AI Regulation

  • Proximities between AI and the Principles
  • Purpose Limitation and Data Minimisation
  • Privacy Notices
  • Legal Basis
  • Processing Sensitive Data

What are the challenges/limitations organisations face

  • Access to Data
  • Risk Assessments: Who has to conduct them and what must they include?
  • Automated Decision-Making

Why a solution is essential

  • Protect your customer’s right to privacy
  • Keep using the value of your data to its best potential

Synthetic Data

  • The value of a solution that works
  • Getting concrete: which solution fits you and how you could start right away

Q&A and Discussion

Meet the speakers

Stephen Ragan Wrangu

Stephen Ragan

Stephen Ragan is Principal Privacy Consultant at Wrangu helping organisations understand and comply with global privacy regulations and overcoming data protection challenges. He holds a law degree from Indiana University and is a licensed attorney in Washington D.C. Stephen is also a Fellow at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights

person picture wim kees janssen

Wim Kees Janssen

Wim’s ambition is to make innovation leaders and compliance officers best friends. Wim Kees has a background in the financial sector driving the digital transformation and realizing innovations.

Wim Kees: “Yes, privacy hinders innovation, and it is my ambition to solve this dilemma.”

Gijs Kleine Schaars

Gijs Kleine Schaars

Within Syntho, Gijs is a synthetic data expert with a focus on business development. Via thought leadership, Gijs writes, publishes and speaks about synthetic data and value adding synthetic data use cases. With a background in sustainable energy and data-driven strategy & consulting, Gijs has much experience with data-related challenges of several types of organizations.

Gijs: ”The potential of synthetic data reaches many fields, let’s make organisations aware!”

group of people smiling

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