Synthetic data client cases

Why use real (sensitive) data when you can use synthetic data? Our clients realize data driven innovation via various synthetic data use cases. Explore here the most valuable ones for you!

Realize data-driven innovation with synthetic data

Example synthetic data client cases

Explore synthetic data use cases with us

Synthetic data for advanced analytics an agile Model Development

Realize an agile data infrastructure with synthetic data to eliminate time consuming data access roadblocks that you would face with original (sensitive) data.

Test data management for software testing and development

Set up a future proof test and development infrastructure with synthetic test data as alternative to production data, scrambled data, dummy data or masked data.

Overcome legal data retention periods

Overcome legal retention periods and preserve data to spot valuable patterns, trends and relationship over time with synthetic data.

Data sharing

Share data in synthetic form to eliminate data sharing challenges that you will face when sharing original (sensitive) data.

Synthetic data adds value by providing more data

Data commerce

Realize data commerce with synthetic data to responsibly monetize your data assets (by 2022, 35% of companies will be data buyers or sellers)

Data optimization, augmentation and simulation

Synthetic data allows for intelligent data balancing, data bias minimization or to balance data that is under- or overrepresented.

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