Syntho starts in the TechGrounds incubator program!

Syntho and Synthetic Data in the Tech Grounds incubator program

After pitching our vision on Synthetic Data, collecting feedback and developing our MVP, Syntho is ready for the next step. Syntho will start in the TechGrounds incubator program to further bring the added value of Synthetic Data to the market!

During the program, Syntho aims to bring the concept of synthetic data to the market through pilots and proof of concepts. The TechGrounds incubator program offers a wide network and excellent mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs. In addition, we will cooperate with talented coders from the TechGrounds coding school and work towards a scalable version of the Syntho Engine.

Interested in Syntho and synthetic data? We stand ready to work with you to achieve your goals!

About TechGrounds

TechGrounds is a school without teachers. We have learning coaches. Learning to learn and peer learning is the foundation of our learning principles. Our IT learning coaches help students find their own way to the answer or solution. In this way we sow the seeds for lifelong learning and learning with and from each other. The learning rooms are located in the middle of the neighborhood. TechGrounds is accessible to everyone because a prior education or diploma is not required and we also pay for your education. In this way we bring job opportunities & digitization close and we create role models.

We are experts in synthetic data. But, don’t worry, our team is real!

Contact Syntho and one of our experts will get in touch with you at the speed of light to explore the value of synthetic data!