The solution to turn privacy by design into a competitive advantage


Privacy by design - a key driver for business success

Synthetic data twins to gain digital trust

Gain digital trust

Synthetic data twins to boost data and insights.

Boost data and insights

Synthetic data twins to drive industry collaborations.

Drive industry collaborations

Synthetic data twin to realize speed and agility.

Realize speed and agility


Mimic (sensitive) data with an AI algorithm to generate synthetic data twins

Synthetic data twin

“We do not have to worry about the data accuracy of Syntho”

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The Syntho Engine

AI software for generating synthetic data twins

The Syntho Engine: AI software for generating synthetic data twins.
Easy deploy the Syntho Engine to generate synthetic data twins
Easy connect the Syntho Engine to generate synthetic data twins.
Any structured data (formatted in tables) 100%
Direct identifiers and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) 100%
Geographic location data (like GPS) 100%
Massive data volumes 100%
Time series data 100%
Multi-table databases 100%
Open text data 100%

Synthetic Data Twins in action

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Advanced analytics

Build your strong data foundation with easy and fast access to usable, high quality data.

This image demonstrates the use of synthetic test data

Test data

Testing and development with high quality test data is essential to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions.

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