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synthetic data software

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We make synthetic data simple

Synthetic data generation software dashboard from syntho
Synthetic data generation software dashboard from syntho

Synthetic data software

Syntho provides deep learning based software for generating synthetic data. Key features of our solution that our clients emphasize include:


We work within your safe infrastructure

Our synthetic data engine can easily be deployed on-premise or in your preferred own (private cloud) environment to make sure that the original data does not leave your safe infrastructure. Alternatively, we can host our engine within our safe infrastructure.

Synthetic data generation engine

Synthetic data by Syntho

Synthetic data generated by artificial intelligence (AI) opens up opportunities

Generating a Synthetic Data Twin

Synthetic Data Twin

When generating a Synthetic Data Twin, Syntho mimics the original data as closely as possible while realizing privacy. Syntho generates completely new datapoints and models them in such a way that the properties, relationships and statistical patterns of the original data are preserved. Even complex, hidden patterns, relationships and inefficiencies are captured, so the synthetic data can be used as a direct alternative to the original data.

Data Optimization and Augmentation features

Data Optimization and Augmentation

The foundation for Synthetic Data Optimization and Augmentation is a Synthetic Data Twin. From this foundation, we can optimize and augment your data using smart generative AI based on the requirements, logic and constraints of your business. We offer various value-adding synthetic data optimization and augmentation features to take your (both ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’) data to the next level. 

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