Data (product) retention

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Synthetic data is best practice in data storing and data preservation after your project is finished.

Can I store my client data freely according to GDPR?

Since the introduction of GDPR, companies are obliged to define why they have to use personal data, and if so, obtain permission. Moreover, the ‘data minimization’ principle states that companies need to minimize the use of personal data and only use it when strictly necessary. Whenever a project finishes, the original purpose of collecting the data no longer applies, so using the data is no longer permitted. Hence, the collected data must be deleted, often alongside any products you developed using this data. So, your product – e.g. dashboard, software application or AI model – and the associated insights will evaporate.

Figure 1: Delete data after a finished project (in compliance with the GDPR)

data deletion after a finished project

Our solution: data storing and preserving data in synthetic form

Synthetic data by Syntho reproduces the statistical characteristics of your original dataset, while warranting that no records from the original dataset are present and specific individuals cannot be traced back. When applied after a project is finished, the desired dataset can be preserved in synthetic form, alongside the products you developed using this data. The benefits are fourfold:

  1. Preserve products using highly realistic and representative synthetic data
  2. Rule out privacy risks (since synthetic data does not contain records from the original dataset)
  3. Prevent re-inventing the weel in future projects 
  4. Utilize developed projects for external purposes (e.g. for client showcases and demos)

Figure 2: Store and preserve data products in synthetic form

Synthetic data - data storing and preserving data